I’m Amanda, and I’m addicted to fashion and all things fabulous! I began my addiction when I was younger, always looking at fashion magazines, and creating little outfits for my dolls. Some of my fondest moments as a teenager include being locked up in my room for hours, cutting up my clothes and sewing them back together in unconventional ways. I looked forward to the next day of school where I could express my individuality and show off my new creations to my friends. My creativity even won me the title of “Most Unique,” voted by my fellow senior classmates. Fast forward 10 years later and I now design clothes, model and I do personal shopping and styling. I’m always staying on top of current trends, and soon I became that one friend that everyone asks for fashion and shopping advice. Instead of compiling long Facebook posts, I decided to create this blog, The Finesse Life!

The Finesse Life means living fabulously, in your own way, and taking advantage of the finer things that life has to offer without being rich or part of the upper “elite” class.

    You can look forward to posts about the latest fashion trends, beauty reviews, shopping tips, events, and lifestyle advice to help get the most out of life! You’ll also get insider coverage to fashion events, such as New York Fashion Week, and features on indie businesses and designers.

(NY Fashion Week FW 2014, taken by Amanda Uduka)


What differentiates The Finesse Life from other blogs is that I’ll be providing you with realistic options for being fabulous; no overpriced items here! The Finesse Life is made for the everyday woman, who likes fashion and shopping, and wants to incorporate it into her everyday life. With this blog I hope that you’ll learn some tips to add a little more finesse to your life, and I look forward to your feedback and comments!

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