For many decades, the trench coat has been a staple piece in the wardrobe. Starting as a functional item worn in primarily rainy weather, the trench coat has now evolved to be worn in almost all seasons, in all different colors and styles.

Nowadays designers put a spin on the trench coat, making it more elegant and trendy in sheer fabrics and floor-grazing lengths. Here are a few tips on how you can rock the new trench.


1. Pick a trench coat made in lightweight fabric. 

The key here is to look for something that is flowy, and drapey. Abandon structure and heavy fabrics.


2. Stick to neutral colors.

Bright colors in sheer fabrics can look very 80s, and bright colors in long lengths is very overwhelming. Neutral colors are not only classy and chic, but a lot more versatile in your wardrobe.


3. Oversized is okay!

One of the keys to mastering this look is to make sure that your trench coat is not tight and form-fitting. In fact, you can wear a trench coat that is a size too big if you want. You want the fabric to have room to flow, and just glide over the rest of your outfit.


Get the look:

zara flowing trench coat
Zara Flowing Trench Coat $129




river island sleevless trench
River Island Sleeveless Trench Coat $90


asos self tie duster
ASOS Selected Max Longline Duster $162


Make me chic grey trench coat
Make Me Chic Grey Trench Coat $46

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