How many times have you seen a popular new hairstyle online and tried to find a stylist who could replicate the same style? How about moving somewhere new and trying to find a nail technician in that area? Well your days of searching in frustration are over with the creation of a new app called The Glam Archive. The Glam Archive is an app that helps you easily find hair stylists, makeup artists, and beauty professionals in your area that can create the exact styles you want.

Founder Tia Bowers came up with the idea for the app after moving to the Bronx and experiencing frustration in finding good stylists in the area. Bowers visited many stylists and often did not like the results and felt as though she was wasting a lot of time and money.

“I went to cosmetology school myself,” Bowers said, “and the problem I know that happens with cosmetologists is that after school it’s hard for them to find clients. Jobs won’t hire you because you need to have a client list to get hired, and then other jobs that do hire you make you pay for a booth, but how are you going to pay for a booth if you don’t have any clients that are paying you?”

This dilemma became the foundation to create the Glam Archive app. Users can search for a specific hairstyle for example. and images of that hairstyle will generate. When you click the image, you are directed to the stylist that created that style, along with their contact information.

Another great feature on the app is a filter between freelance stylists, salon stylists, and celebrity stylists. This would be especially helpful for celebrities or high profile clientele who travel frequently and may need to find the best celebrity stylists in the area. This filter can also help users find freelance stylists, instead of using unreliable sites such as Craigslist, and also provides more promotion for the stylists.

When compared to other booking apps such as StyleSeat for example, most apps are more focused on promoting the stylists themselves, and not so much their work. What sets The Glam Archive apart from other apps is that they view things from a consumer standpoint, where the consumer is more focused on finding the particular style they want, and then they are directed to the stylist that created it. This approach focuses more on the stylist’s work, instead of making you search through stylists, then look at their portfolio to see what styles they can create.

This is an amazing idea that takes the guesswork out of finding a stylist that you like, and can be a great tool for people who travel or move around frequently. The Glam Archive app is set to launch this fall, so make sure to follow @theglamarchive on Instagram and Facebook to be notified of the release!

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