How to Be A Boss: Expand Your Network, Increase Your Net Worth

There’s a saying, “Expand your network, increase your net worth.” These days success in business is largely dependant on who you know and the connections you make.  If you keep your circle of contacts small, you’re not exposing yourself to new opportunities. Case in point, I’ve secured many jobs solely because I knew somebody who … Continue Reading

Ladies, Rejoice! The World’s First Period Pop-Up Shop!

Imagine a shop that’s entirely dedicated to women on their periods…well you don’t have to imagine anymore, U by Kotex made it a reality! Over the weekend of May 13th – 15th, 2016, U by Kotex presented “The Period Shop” on New York’s popular 5th Avenue. The pop-up shop marks the launch of The Period Projects, … Continue Reading

Get Paid To Shop: Online Shopping Hacks You Need To Know

When it comes to online shopping, I’ve become a master at it. I’m so good that if online shopping was a college major, I would have a PhD. I’m so good that if there was a Shopaholics Anonymous group, I would be the president and CEO. I’m so good that all my friends think of online shopping and … Continue Reading