It’s my favorite time of the year… Fashion week! This fashion week, I missed a bunch of shows because I had to go out of town for work, but I was fortunate to still make a few:

Chiara Boni – a modem twist on classic 1940’s style. I loved how the pieces were accented with fascinators, leather and fringe… All the things I love!


Katie Gallagher – This presentation was held in a dimly lit room with rose petals scattered on the floor and the sounds of harp playing filling the air. This set the mood for a gothic, romantic, almost Valentine’s-day theme show.

Irina Vitjaz – Glamour, glamour, and more glamour! Jewel tones, sequins, and flowing silhouettes were the main theme.

And my favorite show for last… Leanne Marshall

From the colors to the silhouettes, to the architectural cutouts on the gowns, Leanne Marshall’s designs really took my breath away. My favorite part of this show were the models – there were models of all different ethnicities, models of all shapes and sizes; Leanne Marshall really took great care to be all inclusive in casting for this show.


I was really feeling the women empowerment vibe and I wish more designers would take the same lead. Real women come in all sizes, and it’s time that designers reflected that in the shows.

Following the whole women empowerment/ girl power vibe, I also met some really amazing women at the Leanne Marshall show.

Allison Elizabeth Brown (@allisonelizabethbrown) – Creator and Editor in Chief for

When this woman walked into the room, she immediately took my breath away. From her beauty, to her outfit, to her presence, this woman has a glowing energy that is just infectious. Upon talking to her, I discovered that she’s actually friends with one of my favorite photographer friends, Jeff Butler, and she was also at the show with another photographer I know, Damon Rice. What a small world!

My new girl squad:

Chinyere “Chi- Chi” Adogo (@the_real_chi)

Oriane (@myfashionbreak)

Serée (@soseree_j)

Meeting these ladies had to be a matter of fate… I recognized Chi-Chi because I follow her on Instagram, then she introduced me to her friend Serée, and then Oriane came over. Instantly we all clicked; you would’ve thought we had been friends for a long time. The energy was just crazy; we’re all driven, ambitious black women, striving to achieve greatness through our own personal business endeavors. Even when we stepped outside, everyone could feel the energy and we couldn’t take two steps without photographers wanting to capture our “black girl magic.” This has to be one of the biggest takeaways from fashion week for me; now I have a group of women I can really relate to. Can you say squad goals??

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