Welcome to “Nude Awakening,” a 3 part series that will explore the trend of wearing nude shades through fashion, style, and beauty. This spring, trade in your pastel colors for a neutral nude palette! There’s something about the nude palette that’s so appealing and complimentary on all skin tones, that neutral outfits have become the outfit of choice for classy and trendy women alike.

In fashion, the emphasis is placed on the clothing, shoes, and accessories. However, when one wears a neutral or nude toned outfit, the emphasis is not just on the clothes. Your skin is a neutral tone itself, therefore it becomes part of the outfit, creating one unified look from head to toe. Lately in beauty there has been a celebration of all different skin tones, where society is starting to embrace all different shades, so it only makes sense that concept of the “nude outfit” is becoming quite popular.

In the traditional sense of the word, when referring to “nude” fashion, one assumes that “nude” is a light beige color. By definition “nude” actually refers to a color that is the same as your skin tone, and not everybody has beige skin. So when referring to the nude palette, it’s not just beige tones I’m speaking of, but rather it’s beige, caramel, cognac, brown, taupe, etc. In clothing and beauty the nude palette is expanded to even include shades of grey and light pinks. The combination of all these neutral colors is the perfect example of femininity and elegance. When paired with expensive-looking luxurious accessories, the look becomes quite glamorous, in an effortless and minimalistic sense.


Here are some key tips for rocking the nude trend:

1. Don’t literally go nude.


You want to pick neutral color clothing, but don’t pick clothes that are exactly the color of your skin. Not only will it look like you’re not wearing any clothes, but you will also look very washed out. Not cute.

Sidenote: Once I wore these skintight brown pants to work with a tunic top, and everyone thought I wasn’t wearing pants. My manager even joked with me that she thought I forgot to put my pants on before I left the house. Needless to say, I never wore those pants again!

2. Show some skin!


Make sure that some skin is exposed, whether it’s your legs, arms, decollatage, or even your back. Having everything covered can give the illusion that your clothing is your skin, and then it will really look like you’re nude. Showing some skin will give the little contrast that you need between your skin and your clothing to dispel the notion that you’re not wearing any clothes.

3. Don’t match all the colors.

Look for shades that are slightly darker or lighter than each other. Don’t worry about matching the colors exactly because they’re all in the same color family, so they already complement each other.

4. Play with texture and embellishments.


Wearing pieces with different textures helps to break up the monotony of the nude palette. For example, think about pairing a silky top with a knit skirt, or try a sheer top with a leather skirt. The outfit will still be cohesive but the juxtaposition of textures adds another level of dimension to the outfit that you wouldn’t have otherwise.

5. Add a pop of color.

If the idea of wearing neutral tones head to toe sounds intimidating or just the same as wearing your birthday suit, try adding a pop of color. You can add contrast with an additional layer, like a jacket, or consider a bright handbag or shoes.


Here’s my take on the look:


Trench vest from Naked Wardrobe – Bag and dress from Forever 21 – Shoes from Missguided


Try out the nude trend and post on social media with the hashtags #NudeAwakening #TheFinesseLife for your chance to be featured!


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