• There is no “I” in team, and I surely wouldn’t be as successful with my blog and social media presence if not for several key people. Meet the photographers who are responsible for all the amazing images you see on The Finesse Life!



1. Name, company name: Lionel, MadiouART (portraits), The Madious (weddings)
2. Location: Maryland / DMV
3. Website: www.madiouART.com / www.madious.com
4. IG and other social media: @LIONPLUSL @THEMADIOUS
5. Contact info: Lionel@madious.com
6. How long have you been doing photography? Hobbyist since 1988, Professionally since 2007, Full time since 2014
7. What would you say is your photography style? Organic, emotive, sometimes edgy, abstract and weird
8. Your most memorable shoot: Not the happiest memory but the one where I lost my wedding ring! It was a Halloween themed shoot in late October. The shoot involved a model smashing pumpkins. At the end of the 2-hour shoot there was one pumpkin left so I decided to smash it by jumping off several step to get a good smashing momentum. My fingers were cold, the pumpkin exploded like the Death Star then I heard “ding, ding” on the cement then silence as my ring bounced on the cement twice and landed in thick thorn bushes. I spent 6 hours looking for it in the woods after buying a metal detector. That ring was never found.

Some of our work together:

Photo by Lionel Madiou
Photography by Lionel Madiou of Madiou Art www.madioART.com



1. Name, company name: Jeff Butler, JazzyStudios
2. Location: 120 W. North Ave Baltimore, MD 21201
3. Website: Jazzy-Studios.com
4. IG and other social media:  IG @jazzystudios FB @ JazzyStudios
5. Contact info: 443-552-5757 Studio
6. How long have you been doing photography? 20 years
7. What would you say is your photography style? Fashion, Jazzy, It’s all over the place. Smooth, Funky, Soft, Crazy
8. Your most memorable shoot:  The shoe shoot with you was of course one of my favs. But, I’ve had the pleasure of working with so many great creative talents. There are so many memories, creative energies, new faces, designers, mua’s. It’s been a great journey.

Some of our work together:





1. Name: Tiffany Chen
2. Location: New York, NY
3. Website: tiffanychen.design
4. IG and other social media: @photosbytifff   Youtube: Photos by Tiff
5. Contact info: Email: hi@tiffanychen.design
6. How long have you been doing photography? Just a little over  a year
7. What would you say is your photography style? 

I think my photograohy style differs from blogger photography compared to my fashion editorial work.  For blog photos, I love golden hour and capturing movement with the clothing.  It’s very light and feminine.  In terms of my editorial work, I think there’s more experimentation with lighting and a certain moodiness and romanticism with the images.

8. Your most memorable shoot: 

I remember scheduling my first test shoot with a male model back in January with a full crew (hair, make-up and wardrobe styling).  As NYC weather is known for being unpredictable, there happened to be a snowstorm on the day of the shoot, and I adamantly refused to cancel or postpone the shoot.  Everyone showed up and did a great job despite the elements!

The snowfall adds a beautiful softness and moody drama to the photos.  This was also my first black and white shoot and I loved how the photos came out.  The entirety of that photoshoot and behind the scenes footage can be found on my Youtube channel!


Some of our work together:

Photo by Tiffany Chen


1. Name, company name: Dominique Powers
2. Location: Brooklyn
3. Website: www.dominiquepowers.com
4. IG and other social media: insta @dominiquepowers
5. Contact info: hello@dominiquepowers.com
6. How long have you been doing photography? 

I’ve been taking pictures as long as I can remember!  Growing up I always had a point and shoot camera nearby and would capture all the beautiful and interesting  things around me.
7. What would you say is your photography style?  

I try to be genuine and conscious when shooting.  When photographing people I want to get a little of their essence in the shot.  I want to share people’s quirks and what makes them unique.  I also pay a lot of attention to composition and like to work with portraiture in the environment around me, exploring how placing a person into a space affects how we perceive it.

8. Your most memorable shoot: 

My most memorable shoot was when I was 16 and assisted Rod Hanna, who is a nature photographer based out of Colorado, for the first time.  He was doing a series of long exposures of the milky way over mountains and so we were shooting at 3AM.  He walked me through setting the gear up, and the settings needed for long exposure, and then he took the first photo.  It was 30 seconds of waiting and then the image popped up on the tiny LCD screen and I was blown away.  It was the first time I realized how great a tool a camera can be to show us the word around us in a way we wouldn’t be able to see otherwise.  I try to keep that spark of excitement with me every time I shoot.
Some our work together:
Photo by Dominique Powers http://www.dpowerscreative.com/

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Awe I loved this. I love your pictures and I also love that you shined the light on your behind the scenes team who make all things possible. The images are dire and you are all doing a great job!


These are all gorgeous photos. Very talented group of people working behind the cameras! Really love the last anecdote about capturing the long exposure photos of the Milky Way…that must have been beautiful to see in person.

Also: you look great!


Great read! Wonderful pictures. Thanks for sharing!


All beautiful images. Are u located on the east coast? I noticed all of the photographers were.

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