Stila Perfect Me Perfect Hue Eye Cheek PalettesEvery time a makeup company comes out with palettes that cater to all skin tones, including darker ones like mine, I get super excited. So when Stila came out with their “Perfect Me, Perfect Hue” eye and cheek palettes , I decided to try it.

Each palette is comprised of 5 different eyeshadow tones: a base, highlight, lid, crease, and liner, and 2 blush shades. The tan/deep palette has gorgeous tones, with the metallic bronze eyeshadow and the dark berry blush, and I just KNEW it would look great against my dark skin. Even though the model for the tan/deep palette has skin nowhere as dark as mine, I thought that the shades would look great on me.


Stila Perfect Me Perfect Hue Tan Deep Palette   Stila Perfect Me Perfect Hue Tan Deep Palette 2

  • Eyeshadows: Imaginative (peach), Brilliant (wheat), Adventurous (copper), Flirty (deep warm brown), Mesmerizing (black)
  • Blush: Vibrant (deep peach), Witty (brick red)

It doesn’t look terrible, but it’s definitely not what I expected. The blush colors came out way more pink than I had expected, and the base and highlighter eyeshadows are off from the original swatches that Stila posted.

Stila Perfect Me, Perfect Hue Palette in “tan/deep” on dark skin

Look at this comparison:

Stila Perfect Me Perfect Hue Tan Deep Dark Skin Swatches


After swatching that palette, I realized that the colors looked very familiar. Not too long ago, I discovered my new favorite everyday palette, the Tartelette in Bloom palette by Tarte. Basically every shade in the Stila Perfect Me, Perfect Hue palette had a similar shade or exact dupe in the Tartelette palette!

Stila Perfect Me Perfect Hue Tan Deep Tartelette in Bloom Comparison on Dark Skin 2

The difference that I found is that the Tarte palette is a bit more creamy and pigmented than the Stila palette. Both were swatched without primer, but it definitely took less swipes to swatch the Tarte eyeshadows.

In the Tarte palette, “firecracker” is a bit more bronze than the “adventurous” color in the Stila palette, which has more gold tones. Tarte’s “Rebel” is definitely lighter and has a slight pink tone compared to the darker chocolate brown “flirty” shade by Stila. And last, Stila’s “mesmerizing” is a lot darker and more opaque than Tarte’s “smokeshow,” which I prefer especially if I’m going for a smokey eye look.

Compared to the Tartlette in Bloom palette, the Stila Perfect Me, Perfect Hue palette is a bit smaller.

Stila Perfect Me Perfect Hue Tarte Tartelette in Bloom Size Comparison   Stila Perfect Me Perfect Hue Tarte Tartelette in Bloom Palette Comparison

It’s the perfect size to carry in your purse, and you do get nice sized eyeshadows and blushes, which cuts down on the amount of products you have to carry with you. However since the eyeshadows are so similar and I’m not a fan of the blush shades, I’m going to return this and stick with my Tartelette in Bloom palette. For $45 you get 12 eyeshadow colors in the Tartelette in Bloom palette, compared to $39 for 5 eyeshadows and 2 blush colors in the Stila Perfect Me, Perfect Hue palette. The Stila palette would be a great deal if I liked the entire palette, but I don’t. What do you think of this palette?


Stila Perfect Me, Perfect Hue ratings:

Pigmentation: 3.5/5, the base color came off very chalky, and the other colors took several swipes to show up
Texture: 4/5, very creamy but you do have to be careful of the fallout
Size: 4.5/5, each pan is a okay size that should last for a few months
Price: $39, GREAT value for 5 eyeshadows and 2 blushes, just make sure that you select the correct shade to get the most use out of your palette
Final verdict: Not dark skin friendly, maybe great for someone with chocolate skin at best. I won’t be keeping this one, unfortunately.

Available for $39 on the Stila website here

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