Having a closet full of luxury clothes and shoes is every fashionista’s dream, but very few people can afford to make that dream a reality. However, not all luxury items are a necessity (well actually, none of them are a necessity but they’re still nice to own if you have the money). If you want to buy designer, there are a few items that are worth the investment given the quality and classic style. Here are my top 5 luxury items to elevate your style:


1. Chanel 2.55 bag

The 2.55 bag is the ever classic black Chanel bag created in 1955 by Coco Chanel. Over 60 years later this bag remains a sign of luxury and elegance. This bag matches any outfit, any occasion, and never depreciates in value. While there have been several variations on the 2.55 style, you can never go wrong with the original 2.55 design. I also love the Chanel maxi or jumbo bag, which is just a larger version of the 2.55 bag.


2. Louboutin heels

Photo by Dominique Powers www.dpowerscreative.com

The bright red bottom and sleek, sexy silhouette are the signature characteristics of this famous shoe. The red sole provides a surprising detail and gives a little “umph” to an otherwise plain shoe. While some may find these shoes a bit uncomfortable, the classic black Louboutin heel never goes out of style, and again, pairs well with any outfit.


3. A pair of designer sunglasses
Sunglasses are one of my must have accessories to elevate any outfit. A nice pair of sunglasses will take you far. One of my favorite styles are these flat-top Celine glasses, which are a favorite amongst both celebrities and fashion bloggers.


4. A designer watch

Watches are also a simple accessory that can instantly add a touch of luxury to any outfit. Michele is popular high end watch brand that has a collection of diamond encrusted watches in a variety of styles. These watches are quite costly, so you can opt for any other nice watch company, such as Fossil, or even Michael Kors. The key to finding an expensive-looking watch is to pay attention to the metal finishing and the details on the face. I usually look at how the watch catches the light, to see if it “glistens,” because that is what will stand out the most, even from a distance.


5. High quality leather jacket

Photo by Tiffany Chen

This has to be one of my favorite luxury items. I have about 10 different leather jackets in my closet, and they’re all worth the investment. My favorite jacket though is this biker jacket by Sandro Paris. The high quality smooth leather and shiny metal hardware makes quite the impression whenever I wear it. A nice jacket is a great investment piece because no matter what outfit you have on underneath, if you wear a nice jacket on top the whole outfit is elevated. Also make sure to buy a jacket made with high quality leather, and you’ll find that it will wear well and last for many years.


All luxury comes at a high price, but if you want to buy designer items, these are the items that will have the most impact in your outfit and the longest life span.

What are some of your favorite luxury items? Comment below!

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