Makeup sales for high end brands are hard to come by, so when I heard there was going to be a Bobbi Brown sample sale, of course I had to go! With makeup sample sales there’s always limited shades, but this sale did not disappoint. There’s something here for everybody, and the makeup addict and shopaholic in me left completely satisfied.

What to expect:
There’s no lip products except for a nude gloss, only 2 blush shades, a few eyeshadow shades, and one highlighter shade. The majority of the makeup here is foundation, powder, and concealer. That’s great for me because I’ve always wanted to try their foundation but it’s a bit too expensive for me. If you’re looking for brushes they have plenty of eyeshadow shader brushes and powder puffs. There are a few moisturizers, cleansers, and eye makeup remover products, but to me the face makeup is the biggest deal since they’re normally so expensive.

Bobbi Brown Moisture Rich Foundation
Bobbi Brown Cleansers and Eye Makeup Remover
Bobbi Brown powder puffs and eyeshadow shader brushes

Pricing list:


Here’s what I got:
Moisture Rich Foundation (for my friend) – $15, retail $30 (currently on sale)
Nude Finish Illuminating Powder in Rich – $15, retail $52
Tinted Eye Brightener – $12, retail $19.20 (currently on sale)
Retouching Wand in Rich – $12, retail $40
Retouching Face Pencil in Rich and Deep – $12 each, retail $32 each
Skin Foundation in Cool Walnut and Cool Espresso (they didn’t have my shade, Chestnut, so I’ll have to mix both of these) – $15 each, retail $50 each



Overall I spent $117.56, and if I had gone to Sephora or Bobbi Brown online I would’ve spent $305 (without tax). That’s a 62% savings…amazing deal to me!

The sale is at 260 5th Avenue, New York, NY and runs through May 28. Make sure you stop by and get some makeup!


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